Los Angeles most dedicated DJ to hit the scenes
with a wide experience of more than 10 years.

No matter the occasion or the theme Warren shows up to make sure you and your guest have great entertainment to listen to while enjoying the course of your venue.

When it comes to a entertainment, music, or a live crowd it's imperative to have the right man or woman to be your DJ. Countless times we have heard clients preach to us that the simply wouldn't have  gone with anyone else but Warren. One of the main differences in a regular DJ and STU25's Warren is your purchasing a life everlasting memory that will last a lifetime.

Each venue is a different and requires a different taste of music. Warren will coordinate with you prior to the function in making sure all the details are on point with what music should be played. After all, we wouldnt want to play any Ratchet music at sweet 16 birthday, or would we? The choice is absolutely yours!

August 12th 2017
“Amazing Time! My Wedding was Lit!”
August 12th 2017
January 16th 2018
“Best Birthday ever! Thank you Warren!”
January 16th 2018
January 8th 2018
“Best DJ ever, Even stayed a hour later!”
January 8th 2018
January 13th 2018
“Very Profesional and Polite! Corporate Event a Success!”
January 13th 2018
Profesional State of Art Equipment
Are you ready?
Loud and Clear
Get set..
Let the party begin.
Delivering a life impressonal memory.
Dont stop the music.
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