Different video production caters to different needs

Educational videos

 What are Educational videos?

Educational videos are excellent examples of teaching and learning concepts. As video uses the primary senses of sight and sound, using video in education allows concepts to be taught more easily and be retained better than reading off a page. Educational videos go beyond merely informing the viewer – these videos go deeper into the ‘why’ such and such is important, in addition to just the ‘what’. This ‘why’ is critical, as it delivers real understanding for the audience. The beauty of educational videos is how they can easily share complex ideas – and ‘educate’ learners properly, with comprehension even often able to bypass language barriers

Examples of Educational videos

  1. Remote Online Classroom Instruction
  2. Online Courses with Video Lessons (MooC)
  3. How-To Training Videos
  4. Student ‘Show and Tell’ Videos
  5. Webinar Informational Videos
  6. Video Lesson Series
  7. Poetic documentaries
  8. Observational documentaries
  9. Reflexive documentaries
  10. Performative documentaries
  11. Expository documentaries
  12. Participatory documentaries


Promotional Videos

What are Promotional Videos?

Promotional videos differ from instructional and educational videos in that they’re targeting a very specific viewer and speaking to their needs, then presenting a solution and concluding with a ‘call to action’, asking the viewer to take action. These style of videos have adapted quickly to the habits of the modern viewer; short length videos, relevant information, engaging style and available where the viewer will be interested in viewing, and then ideally sharing the video with their social networks!

Examples of Promotional Videos

  1. Advertising Videos
  2. Comparison Videos
  3. Giveaway Videos
  4. Product Review Videos
  5. Announcement Videos
  6. Destination Video
  7. Corporate Videos
  8. Testimonial Videos
  9. Presentation Videos
  10. Explainer Videos
  11. Human Resources Videos
  12. Unboxing Videos


Entertainment Videos

What are Entertainment Videos?

Entertaining videos simply for entertainment’s sake. The sky is the limit here, and many of the prior examples of video can fall under entertainment as well, so it’s not a hard and fast category. Entertaining videos can vary in scope, genre and purpose. Entertainment video try to create fun, humor and satisfy the audience. Entertainment videos target to a very broad audience and you make be very creative in these videos. Videos on Netflix, online movies, YouTube video stars, video clips, and more all fall under the scope of entertainment.

Examples of Entertainment Videos

  1. Music Videos
  2. Travel Videos
  3. Automotive Enthusiast Videos
  4. Wedding Videos
  5. Comedy Shows
  6. YouTube Channel Stars
  7. Reality Shows
  8. Movies (Hollywood, etc)
  9. Episodic-Drama Shows