Sensitivity = Recognition Rate = 990/step 1,000 = 99%

Susceptibility refers to the recognition price – the brand new proportion of the many people who have a disorder who happen to be truthfully identified as “positive” from the a screening test. In the event the step 1,100000 tested men and women have a given condition and 990 of these test “positive“ for this reputation, the fresh new test’s awareness is 99%.


Specificity is the ratio of all the anybody without a disorder who will be accurately identified as “negative” of the a testing try. If 99,000 from a hundred,one hundred thousand unaffected some body do not have a disorder and you may 98,100 test “negative”, the latest test’s specificity try 99%. Specificity = 98,,100 = 99%

Confident Predictive Worth (PPV)

The good Predictive Worth (PPV) is short for the newest proportion out-of positive test outcomes that will be it’s positive. (more…)