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It is rather ridiculous to need to buy a giant steel fields how big is the earth just to get a good crushed (though it is suitable well!). The closest fundamental approximation–a primary, dense cord connected to the World–works pretty much as long as new wire is much less than simply an effective wavelength. Observe that We told you wavelength. For individuals who assume their “a RF floor” to end the next harmonic from a great 10-meter signal (56 MHz), you would like a cable tv far reduced than 8 ft much time. (Zero, five foot is not much smaller, and you can won’t works. Indeed, an effective 4-ft “grounding wire” connected to your Planet would-be a great radiator within 56 MHz. Much shorter mode 2 feet otherwise quicker long-within 56 MHz, that is.)

Next line of reason, it might seem impractical to obtain a good crushed at UHF. In fact, you should buy an excellent ground during the UHF that with a large metal dish sugar daddy, that can be entitled a ground jet. (more…)