Now that we have particular idea exactly what a footing is, issue stays on what to get to it

It’s fairly ridiculous to need to pick a huge material sphere how big the world just to get a good crushed (though it works well!). This new nearest simple approximation–a short, thick cord linked to the Planet–performs pretty much so long as the new cord is a lot quicker than just an effective wavelength. Observe that We said wavelength. For individuals who expect your “an effective RF soil” to cease the second harmonic out-of an excellent ten-meter signal (56 MHz), need a wire much shorter than just 8 feet much time. (Zero, four ft is not helpful hints far smaller, and you will won’t work. Indeed, an effective cuatro-ft “grounding wire” connected towards the Planet was a beneficial radiator within 56 MHz. Far reduced function 2 ft or smaller in total-at 56 MHz, that is.)

Next distinct reasoning, it might seem impossible to get a good soil within UHF. (more…)