My Grandparents were both teachers; he taught college level mathematics and wrote mathematics books, and she taught grade school

they always dressed in “Sunday Got to Meeting ” clothes. Grandpa always had 8 dress shirts and 7 of them were in the wash on Monday. He always wore wingtips, even when he worked as a hydraulic engineer and walked the plant floor. Gramma used to complain about the metal shavings in his shoe soles ruining her kitchen floor.

My Mom had ONE dress which she made herself, for church and wore jeans and Dad’s shirts aroudn the house, because they were in a constant state of building our house.

Mom always made dresses for my sister and me, and the boys had shirts and black or blue slacks for Catholic school, and tennis shoes were allowed for boys, but girls had to wear uniforms and something like saddle shoes or penny loafers. Dad wore dark green, heavy duty work clothes every day except Sunday and then he wore navy slacks and a white shirt with a white teeshirt under, and he smelled like fresh ironed cotton clothes all the time. Mom always made sure even his work clothes were pressed and neat. HIs multicolor hankies all week long changed to a crisp white embroidered hanky on Sunday.

Good luck to all who make this attempt at reform…

Dad didn’t own any jeans until all of us six children with Dad got together and bought a farm, and then one of my brothers bought him a pair of farmer jeans and flannel shirts for winter. He always had a hanky hanging from the back pocket, and another in another pocket, And when Dad died last June the grandkids all wanted one of his hankies or a square from one of his flannel shirts. They all associate the scent of sun warmed cotton with him.

How difficult is that?

Clothing depends on the Mass at our parish.. the early Mass has mostly elderly who dress in Sunday dress; the next Mass is families with small children and my guess is some families are lucky to have anything that matches… the two Masses title car loans in Connecticut after that are a lot of folks in casual business to almost beachwear/shorts in summer as we have all lakes and summer cottages around here. (more…)