Are you looking to redesign your website?

Steps needed to redesign your website

Step 1: Audit Your Current Website and Assets

The first step of our website redesign checklist is all about reviewing where you currently stand. By reviewing what collateral is popular, what pages are frequented, and what might be missing, you’ll get a sense of what can be repurposed and refreshed or what needs to be created from the ground up.

Step 2: Gather Inspiration and Analyze the Competition

Taking what you’ve uncovered in your site audit, start envisioning what you ultimately want your website to look like, branding aside.

Do you need a store? What types of imagery will work for your users? What layouts are the best for your industry?

Gathering website inspiration and analyzing your competitor’s websites.

Step 3: Create / Update / Review Brand Guidelines and Styles

Next, it’s important to review your brand guidelines and styles so you can create a cohesive design.

Begin by having your team review where the current branding guidelines stand.

Does it feel dated? Are the fonts hard to read? Is there a font hierarchy? Is your brand’s tone accurately depicted by this style?

Step 4: Create a Realistic Timeline

Remarkable websites take time. To make sure you’re hitting the mark not only for your brand, but for your users, there is a good amount of strategy and research that must be taken into consideration long before you start to code.


You need professional help to redesign your website

Further steps to redesign your website

Step5: Set Goals

Creating realistic goals for your site to reference and measure your success is extremely important. This is where understanding where your current site stands comes in handy. If your current site has a steady stream of traffic, but the leads aren’t pouring in, you may set a starting goal of increasing your conversion rate by 1%.

Step 6: Understand the User Journey

Quite possibly the most important step in this website redesign checklist is understanding the user and the user journey. Understanding what the user is looking for, what questions they need answered, and how they’ll look for it on your website is the only way to really set yourself up for success.

Step 7: Content First

Without content your site is just a bunch of pretty pictures --and that helps no one.

By creating your content first, you’ll be able to get all your ideas out and fine-tune them without risking design revisions or pushing deadlines back.

Step 8: Start Designing

Now, with your content in hand, it’s time to bring in the design team to create your page layouts and design mockups.

It’s important your designer uses data you’ve gathered from the previous steps --otherwise, all the work you did was just wasted effort.


Follow these steps to redesign your website

Final stage of redesigning your website

Step 9: Get Real User Data

Looking at your freshly made designs, it’s important to go back to your users to see if your new designs will hit the mark for them. You can create interactive versions of your designs to allow your users to experience what the final developed site will be like.

Step 10: Develop Your Site

Development is typically the final stretch for any redesign, and our website redesign checklist is no different. Dedicating ample time for the site to be coded out cleanly, following SEO and industry best practices, is a necessity.

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